The ASG Corporate Quality Control Director, oversees ASG’s corporate Quality Management Program, and reports directly to the President of the company.


The quality goals we will employ for this program will include all performance requirements specified within the Performance Work Statement (PWS). A more complete definition of quality goes beyond specifications to ensure that customer needs are understood and addressed. As programs mature there is a natural evolution in the goals and objectives of the program. To ensure we are delivering to the highest definitions of quality, we will modify our quality assurance plan in lockstep with evolving program requirements.


ASG’s core strategy in delivering quality services is to proactively identify the processes employed to deliver those services, identify any potential quality issues with those processes and through either process reengineering or the application of tools and techniques prevent those issues from even arising in the first place.


Where it is not possible to modify or automate processes to ensure quality delivery (i.e. staff performance for supported units), we will employ a robust system of controls to ensure successful delivery. Our quality assurance plan will address the following processes.


  • Requirements management

  • Project planning

  • Configuration management

  • Measurement and analysis

  • Project monitoring and control

  • Process and product quality assurance